Blindness Awareness Month

January is Blindness Awareness month. This month for our Angel Awareness Project I read a Picture book about Louis Braille. We started with a discussion with what does it mean to be blind? All hands went up and I knew it was gonna be a good day :) the kids were eager to learn about Louis. The best thing about our Angel Awareness projects is that I learn just as much as the kids do and probably have more fun. I love to see the excitement in their eyes, the flaring hands in the air wanting to ask their questions or tell their story. This story was particularly great not just because we learned what it was like for Louis to be blind but how he became blind and the importance of NOT touching Mommy or Daddy's things because they could be dangerous and you could get hurt by accident. We even got to discipher a letter in Braille. Today was a GREAT day! #BLINDNESSAWARENESS


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